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Year 11 Parents' Evening

Our Year 11 Parents Evening will take place on Thursday, 12th January

Year 11 Parents’ Evening will be in person and will be held in the sports hall on Thursday 12th January 4:15pm-6:30pm. Please save the date and make arrangements to attend with your child.

How do I make appointments?

Bookings must be made through our central SchoolCloud portal at the following address: If you are unable to access the internet to make appointments please contact the HoY.

Which staff will I be able to see? 

All Year 11 teachers will be present. It is important that, as specialists, they feedback on the best way for your child to achieve exam success in the summer following their Grade Indicators. Most parents will see nine members of staff. Each appointment will be 5 minutes long.

When will my child receive their Grade Indicator Results?

Students will receive their Grade Indicator Results and Predicted Grades on Tuesday 20th December at 11:10am in the Sports Hall. Once they have received their results they will leave school via Lukin Street to start the Christmas holiday. We will re-issue the results at Parents Evening.

When are the actual GCSE exams starting?

The majority of Public GCSE Exams will start the beginning May 15th 2023. The last exam will be no later than June 28th 2023. This means that after the Christmas Holidays there is only 13 teaching weeks until the main exams start. However, some subjects will have public exams before May. For example, ICT and Health and Social Care have exams in January. Staff will be
able to advise you on other assessment deadlines at parents evening. We will issue the Public Exam Timetable in the spring term.

Friday 16th - Food and Nutrition Coursework Lesson 1-5 Room GO8
Friday 16th – Deadline for priority applications for Sixth Form
Tuesday 20th – Results given out to Year 11 Lesson 3

Wednesday 11th – ICT Public Exam
Thursday 12th – Parents Evening 4:15pm-6:30pm
Monday 16th – 23|11 Intervention Programme to start again
Saturday 21st – Interviews for the Sixth Form
Monday 30th – H&SC Public Exam

Monday 13th – Half-term
Monday 27th – Spring Grade Indicators

May I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me or the Head of Year.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Farrow – Deputy Headteacher