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Senior Leadership Team


Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr J P Morrison

    Executive Headteacher

  • Ms C Easmon-Johnson

    Deputy Headteacher (Personal Development and Safeguarding)

  • Ms S Jarvis

    Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning, Staff Development)

  • Ms L Summers-O'Brien

    Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum, Assessment and Intervention Strategies)

  • Ms G Mata

    Business and Operations Manager

  • Ms K Meehan

    Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

  • Mr A Innocent

    Deputy Headteacher (Catholic Life, Behaviour and Attitudes)

  • Ms R Pabila

    Deputy Headteacher (Sixth Form)

  • Mr O Walsh

    Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning, CPD, ECT)