How to Contact Staff

General Communication with School

Transparent communication is vital to the smooth running of a school.

We know that you want to be well informed about policies and practice that affect your child and you should contact staff about any relevant matters. Teachers will contact you by telephone or in writing when they want to tell you that your child has done well or if there is any cause for concern. You are welcome to contact staff any time you need.

The main mode of communication between school and parents should be via the school planner. If you wish a tutor to know something please write a note inside your son or daughter's planner or write a note explaining your query.

However, teachers are in class most of the day and, when not in class, may be on duty in the dining hall or playground at lunchtime and break time. This means that they cannot always get back to you as soon as you leave a message. But, they aim to return your call within a day.

In many cases, reception staff are able to answer general queries – for example, dates of events, uniform issues etc. – so when you call please explain your query to the receptionist first in case she is able to give you an immediate answer. If you do need to speak to a particular member of staff, here are the best options:

1. Call the main school number020 7791 9500 – and ask if the staff member is available. If he/she is, you will be put through. If he/she is unavailable, you will be asked if you wish to leave a message on his/her voicemail and, if you say yes, you will be put through to the voicemail. Alternatively, ask for an email to be sent to the staff member explaining why you need to make contact. This latter option is often the best way of ensuring you receive a rapid reply as staff have easier access to emails than to voicemail.

2. Go to the contact page of this site to send a message to the person you want to contact. Messages received in this way are checked and passed on every day.

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3. Email and ask for a message to be passed on. Messages received in this way are checked and passed on every day.

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