What We Offer

Bishop Challoner Girls' School offers:

  • a moral and spiritual Catholic framework
  • high academic standards
  • strong links to the very best universities
  • ambitious and creative partnerships with global businesses
  • a sharp focus on promoting courtesy, positive behaviour and good citizenship

The modern Bishop Challoner began in 2001 when the Boys’ School moved on to the existing Girls’ School site, where the Sixth Form campus completed the new-look Federated school. Even before this link up, the Girls’ School had enjoyed a steadily improving academic performance and has since continued to grow. 

As well as academic excellence, Bishop Challoner provides students with so much more in meeting the challenges of modern life.To begin with, we would stress our Catholicity. Although we have a multi-national and multi-cultural intake, we are a Catholic school with a Catholic ethos. The predominant aim of Bishop Challoner is to provide a genuine Catholic education through which all may come to recognise the dignity of the person and the basic equality of all people.

We achieve this aim through the establishment of a caring Catholic community where, supported by the ideals and practice of our faith, the uniqueness of each of our girls is acknowledged and her ability, aptitude and gifts developed to the full. Consequently, our concept of education is a broad one. Equal emphasis is placed on all aspects of education - the spiritual, academic, cultural and the social, in an effort to promote a balanced and integrated view of life. All this ensures the utmost care and attention for your child as they grow in faith and commitment towards God and each other.

We strive to educate our girls to be independent and responsible adults who are aware both of their rights and of their responsibilities. We teach our students how to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and participate. We help them to achieve the maximum academic success of which they are capable.

We encourage them to play a part in caring for others who are less fortunate than they are. By the time they leave our school we want them to care for their world, their environment - God’s creation, to be socially well-adjusted - a living embodiment of loving thy neighbour and being loved in return.