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Posted on: 23/11/2021

Maths Students Inspired to Become Design Engineers and MARS Astronauts with LEGO Education

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This term our Year 8 (More Able) Challoner Girls took part in a Mission to Mars: LEGO STEM and Maths Explorer workshop at the Natural History Museum. The workshop was developed in collaboration with LEGO Education specifically for KS3 students and supports our #GirlswithGoals and #maths4girlsUK themes in the faculty.

The workshop started with a discussion about current missions to Mars, including the
Museum’s involvement on the ESA ExoMars project. Students were then challenged to work in small groups to build and code their own Martian rover using LEGO We Do 2.0 Kits and tablets. Our students worked in a team to decide which additional equipment to build and add to their rover whilst keeping it within the given weight limit. Our girls were then tasked to bring their own creativity and engineering ideas and try anything out. At the end of the workshop the rovers were ‘launched’ on a realistic Martian surface.

The students had to evaluate the various rover designs and coding. The workshop was
extremely cross curricular: it covered engineering design, coding, mathematics and science as well as encouraging creativity, problem solving and team work. We were supported at the event by our Greenwich University Final Year maths undergraduate ambassadors who volunteer their free time in the Maths faculty.