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Posted on: 11/11/2021

The Language Gym Subscription

The MFL department has recently purchased a subscription for a platform called The Language Gym. This website will enable students to work more independently revising the content learned in class or any other content that requires further practise; and to practise their language manipulation and comprehension skills whilst having fun with a wide a variety of pedagogical games in French and Spanish. Content comes at all levels from beginner to advanced; all activities are self-marking (instant feedback), and teachers get a powerful score report that we can use to track your son/daughter’s progress.

To register on this platform, all students need to:

  • Go to, scroll down and sign up as a new student. 
  • Enter the invitation code given by their class teacher/ see MFL corridor.
  •  Enter your details.  Please make sure you enter your full name and your school email correctly.