All children no matter where they are on their journey should have the access to a curriculum that suits and engages them.

Every child regardless of disability or special educational need can and will achieve well at Bishop Challoner. The Learning Support centre has been designed to support all students that need support any time of their school career. This includes studetns with special educational needs, students who need short or long term support for any number or reasons or any student that maybe struggling with school life.


  • The Bishop Challoner Vision of inclusion– that all young people regardless of their starting point in life progress in line with expectations in a main stream school. Transitions are the pivotal turning point for young people we need to identify and support each child so that they can have an outstanding inclusive education.


  • Purpose of the Learning Support Centre – A learning and supportive environment that students feel safe and confident that they can achieve in their school surroundings. In the short term to reduce fixed term and permanent exclusion and longer term eliminate all exclusions, behaviour will improve as relationships and QFT implemented. The learning support centre will work collaboratively and collegiately with staff to support the students who struggle in main stream education, removing the barriers that prevent them from learning effectively and help them return to the classroom environment.


The Three Tiered Approach


Tier 3

Outside agencies supporting student and school

Tier 2

In school programmes for identified students with needs

Tier 1

Whole school interventions

Quality first teaching 



Tier one includes: Form tutors, Year leaders, Classroom teacher, PET (Parental Engagement team) Mentoring programme

Tier two includesLSC sessions, BST (Behaviour Support Team), Place to Be, Aspace, LSC cards

Tier three includesCAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), EP (Educational Psychologist), SIP(Social Inclusion Panel), FAP (Fair Access Protocol


Each tier is based around the Assess, plan, do and review cycle and inclusion highlighting meetings that will look at each individual case and identify what support is needed.