Rewards and Discipleship

Rewards Points

We believe that excellent work in and outside of the classroom should be rewarded, and as such have a comprehensive system of rewards points which lead to certificates, prizes and public recognition for our young people.

How do I gain points?                                                                                   



Afterschool Attendance

Excellent Effort on a piece of homework

Making good progress in class

Attending extra-curricular trip/club

Excellent participation in lessons

Reading in assembly

Excellent effort in class

Excellent piece of homework



Being helpful

Helping at an afterschool event

Literacy progress

Consistent attendance to afterschool sessions

Leading Assembly

Numeracy progress

Supporting in Mass

Working 1 above your target grade



Ambassador for the school

Pupil leadership

Literacy Commendation

Numeracy Commendation

Consistently high standard of homework

Working 2 above your target grade

Persistent effort in class

Public speaking

Sister/Brother of the week



Chaplaincy Distinction

Form Teacher Distinction

Faculty Distinction

Personifying Gospel Values



HOY Commendation

Commendation for Pupil Leadership

Commendation for Community Service



SLT Commendation

HOS Commendation




EHT Commendation





These accumulate to become:


Pastoral Reward


Text message home


Form Tutor Phone call


Form Tutor Certificate emailed home


Head of Year phone call


Head of Year Certificate mailed home


Head of School Certificate (Bronze Badge)


Executive Head Certificate (Silver Badge)


Governor Award Badge (Gold Badge)








Celebration of Success

There will be a Celebration of Success assembly at the end of every term where the top student in the year group, determined by praise points awarded for each subject, will be celebrated and rewarded.  You’ll get the opportunity to showcase your musical, dance and drama talents or to just sit back and be entertained while celebrating your peers.

Reward Trips

Every term 20 pupils will be invited on a reward trip to celebrate their outstanding efforts during the term.  This will comprise of the top 4 praise point achievers in every year group – 2 girls and 2 boys. 

Praise points will reset every year and run throughout an entire school year. 

Prizes include but aren’t limited to:

  • Breakfast hosted by Heads of School with parents invited​
  • Amazon vouchers
  • ​Restaurant Vouchers​
  • Bookshop vouchers
  • Cinema tickets
  • Educationally appropriate electronic items (e.g: laptop or tablet)​
  • Exercise equipment (e.g. bikes)​
  • Books
  • Free Prom/End of Year entry​
  • First in line for lunch​
  • Teacher chosen trips and activities
  • Sports events tickets



The Discipleship Award

As part of our mission as a Catholic school, we are called to develop and nurture all aspects of the character of our young people, inside and outside the classroom. We take great pride in the World Class academic education we offer our students but are equally proud of the way we develop their leadership skills, kindness, resilience, spirituality and commitment to the common good.

The Discipleship Award, launched this year, is a way of tracking and celebrating progress both inside and outside the classroom. Each time students receive reward points, they will correspond with a Discipleship category. At every Parents Evening each student will receive an interim Discipleship report alongside their academic one showing how many points they have in each category. All families will receive a full Discipleship report at the end of the Summer Term.

The highest achieving students (those who have achieved points in all categories) will be celebrated in front of the whole school at their end of year Mass and receive the Discipleship badge for that year.



News / 10th February 2021
Booking Open for Virtual Year 10 Parents Evening
All parents' evenings will be conducted remotely for the rest of this academic year. The system will allow meetings to be conducted via video link, replacing the face-to-face set-up. Booking will shortly open for the virtual Y10 parents' meeting on Tuesday 23rd February. This will allow you to discuss engagement and progress thus far during the current remote learning period. Please make a single 5-minute appointment. For the majority of parents this will be with your child's Y10 tutor. In a small number of cases, there will be an opportunity to make an appointment with the Head of Y10. If this option is available, choose the head of year appointment instead of the tutor. Bookings will be open from 12 noon Wednesday 10th February. The booking system will close at 5pm Thursday 18th February. Bookings must be made through our central SchoolCloud portal by following this link Assistance with the process of making the appointment can be found in the 'Parent Guide' accessible by clicking this link. Further help with the process of connecting via videocall can be found by clicking this link. During the evening, the appointment times cannot be changed so it is essential that you are ready to log-in a few minutes before the allocated time. The system is configured for use on mobile devices though a laptop/tablet/desktop set-up will likely provide clearer communication. Kind regards Matthew Rees Deputy Headteacher Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools
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