Staff Research Interests

Mark Hortop:

Completed MEds: Social Justice in Education (Cum Laude), Writing and Teaching (With Distinction)

University: Goldsmiths

Research: Using pupils’ own writing to facilitate a greater insight into prescribed texts.



Bryan Young:

Course: MEd: Pedagogy & Professional Practice in PE

University: St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Research: ‘An investigation into the potential barriers to learning of year 9 boys; a case study of one underachieving year 9 boy.’


Adrian Tobin:

Masters in: MA by Project (Fine Art)

University: The Cass School of Art



Bethany Price:

Completed MA: Medieval History

University: Queen Mary's

Research: ‘An Analysis of the Meaning of Blood in Jewish-Christian Relations from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages, with Special Reference to Cain’.


Alison Croasdale:

Completed MA: Critical Theory

Current MA: ‘Digital Media, Culture and Education’

University: IOE-UCL

Research: An analysis of ‘languages’: does multimodality facilitate a greater understanding of literary texts and foster creativity in English?


Kate Wescott:

Current MA: ‘English Education’

University: IOE-UCL




Coshia Belvet:

Course: MEd Sociology of Education

University: IOE-UCL

Research: Impact of Free schools on State Schools in the same vicinity





Onor Crummay

Course: MA Teaching and Learning History

University: University of Oxford

Research focus: How does the historic environment aid learning in the classroom? 


Lloyd Crowther

Course: MA Transformational Leadership

University: Canterbury Christ Church University

Research: How do students experience learning in single sex settings?



Laura Summers:

Masters in: Sociology of Education

University: IOE - UCL

Research: How significant is cultural capital? The relationship between cultural capital and university entrance.


Alex Knight:

Masters in: Psychology of Education

University: IOE - UCL



Kitty Murdoch:

Masters in: Learning and Teaching

University: Oxford


Emma Zaman:

Masters in: Learning and Teaching

University: Oxford




Samantha Alder:

Course: MA Educational Professional Practice   - Teaching and Learning Pathway

University: University of Cumbria 

Research: Thinking dispositions, Mindset theory and Assessment.



Jaya Carrier:

Course: MA is in History Education

University: IoE - UCL.

Research: International perspectives in History education and independent learning with Year 7 pupils.