Federation Policies & Procedures

Acceptable use of Internet policy / e-Safety policy (reviewed October 2013)

Accessibility Policy (reviewed May 2013)

Anti bullying policy (reviewed June 2015)

Anti-bullying guidance from DfE (July 2013)

Behaviour policy (reviewed June 2015)

Charging and Remissions Policy (reviewed September 2015)

Complaints policy (reviewed September 2015)

Data protection policy (2015)

Disability arrangements: Intimate care policy (reviewed May 2012)

Equalities policy (reviewed November 2013)

First aid policy (January 2015)

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (reviewed Jan 2014)

Grievance policy (reviewed September 2013)

Handheld device policy (reviewed October 2013)

Health and Safety Policy (January 2015)

Home School Agreement (reviewed October 2013)

Homework Policy (2015)

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Information for all School Staff 2016

Pay Policy (January 2015)

Procedure for disciplinary (reviewed September 2012)

Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy (October 2013)

Reimbursement of Governors' Expenses (January 2014)

Child Protection Procedures (November 2016)

SEN Policy (pending approval)

SEND Information Report

Sex and relationships policy (reviewed November 2013)

Spiritual & moral development & collective worship policy (reviewed July 2013)

Uniform Policy

Whistleblowing Policy (2015)

Pupil Premium Report - December 2016

Admission policy (for 2015 admissions)

Boys' Admissions
Girls' Admissions

Admission policy (for 2016 admissions)

Boys' Admissions
Girls' Admissions


Sixth Form Admissions/Progression

Admissions in 2016 (Sixth Form)

Progression Policy (Sixth Form)


Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting checks - Live SCR database (on-going)