Catholic Life

Christian Ethos; "Christ At the Centre"


Our Christian ethos of providing the best education for all pupils embraces Christ’s own call to love God, love self and love others. We believe that an education in the 21st century is no longer solely founded upon academic achievement and as such we believe that Bishop Challoner School provides students with so much more preparation for meeting the challenges of modern life. We believe our schools offer unique benefits arising out of our Catholicity. As a Catholic school we provide a genuine Christian education through which students recognise the dignity of the person and equality of all. We achieve this through establishing a caring community where the uniqueness of each student is acknowledged and their abilities, aptitude and gifts are developed to the full.



Our Federation’s patron Bishop Richard Challoner dedicated his life to the scriptures and the education of the youth in London and was famous for saying “Holiness is doing ordinary things, extraordinary well”. His work’s followed a three-fold path that forms our part of our mission statement;

· seek academic excellence and scholarship
· sustain the well-being and safety of all those with whom we work
· explore the depths of our spirituality and faith
We are a proud Catholic Federation that bases its identity, beliefs and actions upon our Catholic Faith and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Our Holy Father provides inspiration and dialogue to young people throughout the whole world. This academic year, with the Pope’s encyclical letter Laudato Si’ on care for our common home, he provides inspiration, vision and a moral compass which we as a Federation, are proudly supporting.

Like Christ Jesus as our Euangelion, our ‘Good News’, his teachings transcend many areas of our Federation. The example of service that Christ gave us when he washed his disciples’ feet at the Last Supper should be what guides each person in the leadership of the staff and pupils for whom they have a special responsibility. Leadership in the school reflects its Christian nature by putting the welfare and development of pupils and staff first and so putting Christ’s example into practice.


St. Therese of Lisieux’s once said that holiness is based on doing “little things with great love.” We should be a spiritual, and not just a religious community so we can show our love of God through our relationship with him. This is why every student throughout their life in Team Challoner will be involved and will attend our Federation’s Masses, liturgical events that follow the Roman Catholic calendar, our retreat programmes, daily prayer and charitable events. It is through the respect, concern and care shown by all members of the school for each other, whether pupils or staff, that we can see love of neighbour in practice. Our prayer and liturgy enables pupils and staff to find a greater knowledge of, and closer relationship to, God, and the practical circumstances of daily life should be used to help us develop our consciences and moral judgement. 

At Bishop Challoner, we have an outstanding achievement through the breadth of opportunity available, the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and the motivation that comes from good relationships between staff and students. Each student is equally important and this should be reflected in the curriculum where all pupils are be encouraged to achieve their potential, and have their achievements recognized and praised.


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