Our Work as a Holocaust Beacon School


Being a Holocaust Beacon School from Bishop Challoner on Vimeo.

A Holocaust beacon school is one that works at the forefront of best practice in teaching and learning about the Holocaust, but also generally works to create strategies to enable teaching more complex issues, and supports students to become independent enquirers. Our beacon school status links us to the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, with whom we work closely to share and develop best practice.

Across our first beacon school year, we were able to design new schemes of work to teach all Year 9 students about the Holocaust in History, as well as to create cross-curricular links with other subjects, including R.E., Art, Psychology and Sociology. We were also able to invite a Holocaust survivor, Renee Salt, to speak to all of our Year 10 students, and have been able to run trips to Auschwitz at KS5 and KS4. Also as a result of our beacon school status, we are also participating in the ‘Genocide Awareness Project’ which is running in partnership with other London schools, and looks to improve understanding of genocides in the 20th Century. This will include working with Dan Snow on a podcast.

We recently have received the Quality Mark status for being a beacon school, which will allow us to continue this partnership for another two years before reappraisal. We are delighted to be able to continue being a beacon school!

Read the full report about our Holocaust Beacon School Accreditation