Dedicated Support Staff

Student Achievement Co-ordinator

Mrs Leonida works closely with students to ensure good attendance, attitude to work and student achievement. Meeting with parents, external organisations and subject teachers, Mrs Leonida will co-ordinate each student’s learning to ensure they attain the very best grades. Each student’s progress will be assessed throughout the year and results will be sent home. Facilitating learning is one of the cornerstones of our institution.


Academic mentors

Our Academic Mentors support students in their learning and are based within the 6th form study area. The mentors play a key in monitoring student achievement and ensuring that each student has the opportunity to receive personalised support- both academic and pastoral- if needed.



The Chaplain will be there to support your spiritual and reflective needs and organises retreats and opportunities for reflection. He will also give students the chance to act as spiritual leaders and take an active role in delivering prayer within the college. The Chaplaincy will counsel and guide your spiritual journey throughout your time at Bishop Challoner 6th Form.


Subject Tutors

There are times when some students may need additional support in a subject. If needed, we can provide fully qualified subject tutors to give additional lessons outside of class time to assist students in improving their grades.