New Lesson Timetable 2018


Double lessons

All subjects will now be taught in double (one hour and forty minute) lessons.  This will mean all students have three such lessons a day.  This is to enable teachers to cover their subjects in greater depth and allow students more time to practice and embed their learning within a lesson than they currently have.  This will also reduce the amount of teaching time lost by our children in having to move around the school.  In fact, the fifty minutes a fortnight they lose to a teaching and learning meeting every other Tuesday is more than made up for by the fifteen minutes a day they gain back from having double lessons.


Early Tuesday

 In common with many local schools who already do this (and for the same reasons) we are now closing the school at 2:15pm every other Tuesday (once a fortnight).  This is to allow for an extended meeting slot for staff to develop and improve the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning.


The frequent introduction of curriculum change by government makes it almost impossible for schools to adequately adjust to these changes and maintain the very highest standards in the lessons they teach.  This is why such slots are needed to allow a focussed period of time to improve teaching plans and why their use by schools is commonplace.  Of course we realise that for some children an earlier finish presents real difficulty.  For any child who genuinely cannot go home at that time the school library remains open and will be manned by teaching assistants to allow these students to complete their homework onsite until they can leave for home at the normal time.


If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact reception on 0207 791 9500


New Lesson Timetable