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Posted on: 11/06/2018

Year 10 Trip to Paris

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Earlier this term a group of Year 10 students visited Paris with the MFL department. Here is a full report from Mrs Cuino: 

On our first day, we travelled by Eurostar and arrived at our destination late afternoon where we met our enthusiastic French animateur. In the evening, firstly we headed to the residence’s restaurant to enjoy the amazing French food and afterward students were put into teams to play entertaining games using French only.

On the second day, we started by visiting the world’s most visited art-museum in the world, Le Louvre. Students were really thrilled to see the famous Mona Lisa painting ( La Joconde) and some of the  hundreds of thousands of classic and modern masterpieces, such as the Venus de Milo, Ramses tomb and many others.

We then walked to the famous avenue of Champs- Elysées where we saw one of the gates that leads to Emmanuel Macron’s presidential house as well as the several renowned designer shops.  At the western end of the Champs-Élysées we admired the Arc de Triomphe where beneath its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

After a break to recharge batteries, we finally arrived at Champ de Mars where the symbol of Paris was built: the Eiffel Tower. We ended our day with a cruise on the Bateux- Mouches to get a view of the city from along the river Seine.

On the third day, our students were welcomed by their French pen pals at a secondary school called Lycée Notre Dame de Bossuet. Students had the chance to put in practice their linguistic skills and also the chance to enjoy homemade French food prepared by their pen pals.

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In the afternoon, we visited the most visited tourist attraction: Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. It was a chance to appreciate its stained glass, rose windows, the towers, the steeple, the gargoyles and a time to pray and lit a candle for our loved ones. After the Notre Dame, we climbed the stairs to the beautiful white Basilica of Sacré Coeur located in Montmartre. In the past many artists such as Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet had studios or worked around this community. The artists’ square has many painters and caricaturists that are always equipped to make a portrait or caricature. We ended our day at the accommodation with a challenging quiz about all locations and monuments visited during the day.

The last day of the trip was mainly dedicated for shopping of French delicacies and souvenirs in the popular Rue Montorgueil; a half-market, half foodie paradise shopping street filled with flower vendors, rotisseries, tempting bakers and fragrant cheese shops. Before we left, we also visited a local supermarket.

All students were truly grateful for the experience given. This what some of them said :

 “It was very beneficial understanding some of the French culture and also listening to people talk. I enjoyed it very much and the landmarks were amazing, completely different from London”, Maria Longui

The trip helped me improve my French. I think being around the French culture and always being spoken to and speaking in French were the most helpful things. I really enjoyed my time in Paris!” Maya Hill

I enjoyed the trip from start to finish. It was useful to hear how native French speakers talk and it was also interesting to learn and understand the French culture” Bryan Sarmiento

“The Paris trip that I went on with French GCSE students was such a great experience as I had never been there before and there were so many fun things to do. I’d say that my most memorable moments were visiting the Eifel Tower and going to the French school. It was really fun meeting people my own age. I really enjoyed it!” Sophie Beckett

The most memorable part was visiting the French school. We made friends and it was really interesting talking to students to find out what was different and similar about our schools and hobbies. I enjoyed seeing all the monuments; experiencing French daily life; and eating Nutella crepes!” Amira Dowey

 “Thank you so much for this opportunity. I wouldn’t have been able to see so much without your help…,” Malika Emmanuel

“Thank you so much for organising this amazing trip; it will always be my best memory!” Benedicte Tshibangu

C’était très memorable at j’ai vraiment apprecié.  Wiktoria Fortuna 

" Paris was incredible! Being immersed within Parisian culture was an enriching experience. Church buildings were beautifully detailed and the patisseries were incredible cute! J'adore Paris" Maisha Selim

" I found it really interesting how we could sort of live and travel like people in France. Visiting different monuments like the Sacre-Coeur and Eiffel Tower was fun!" Anthonia Emmanuel- Enu