Mr Hanlon, Chaplain
Bishop Challoner’s Chaplaincy exists to make Christ known through love, care and leading the spiritual life of the community. We aim to be present in every aspect of Federation life and provide a service to those who need to be listened to and to be reminded of their beautiful worthiness and talents. With the building of our new Federation Chapel, the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy, students and staff alike have a quiet place to go and reflect, pray and meet the Chaplain. There is a Mass in the Chapel every week, which is open to everyone. Throughout the year, we have Federation Masses to mark important events and also to give, as a community, the opportunity to remember our loved ones who have passed away.

Mr Hanlon, our Lay Chaplain, strives to bring Christ’s message to all within the community. With a background in the Civil Service, military and teaching, Mr Hanlon is able to provide a breadth of support and strives to help all those who come to see him realise their uniqueness and importance in the eyes of God. The Chaplain is also use to help those who are going through a wide variety of situations in their lives such as bereavement, loss and family and friendship difficulties. Mr Hanlon is here for all so if you would like to get in touch to speak about your son or daughter, he will only be too happy to help.

If you would like to contact the Chaplain, you can call the Chaplaincy Office on 0207 791 9579.

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