Parental Involvement





“O my God, teach me to love Thee in time and eternity.”

Bishop Richard Challoner

For the past year, Ms Easmon-Johnson (Head of the Girls’ School) and the Chaplaincy have been running a Parents’ Prayer Group that meet once a month.

These sessions allow all those attending to receiving spiritual nourishment, to discuss how we can achieve an active prayer life within our hectic daily lives and most importantly, to support one another through our own spiritual development. Each meeting has a theme and sometimes with practical elements too!

We meet on the first Tuesday/Thursday of every month, starting at 5:00pm with the aim to finish around 6:30pm. A list of the meetings this year can be seen below:



Thursday 7th February


Praying for our Children

Specific intentions and prayer points for our children.

Thursday 7th March


Praying for our Families

Daily prayers for use at home, reflections, scriptures and meditations.

Thursday 4th April

Prayers and Vision Board

Vision, goals and re-focus areas for the rest of the year ahead.

Tuesday 7th May



Daily Prayer as a routine

How to pray purposefully at the beginning of each new day.

Tuesday 4th June



Praying at Home

How to use the prayer journal at home, developing prayer at home with family members.

Tuesday 2nd July

Prayer as a Lifestyle/ End of School Year Celebrations

How to stay connected to God in prayer during busy and difficult periods.


This group is open to all parents and guardians of students attending Bishop Challoner. If you would like to join or would like to have more information, please click on the link below, stating the name of the child/ children you have at the school(s).