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Rosary Rings

4We are a community that passionately believes in the holistic development of all our young people. We are a community based around faith, which therefore seeks opportunities to experience and live out that faith together. Part of this is fostering a ‘threeness’ between the Federation, the family and the parishes.

Starting from October 2017, we would like families to volunteer to join our Rosary Rings network. We hope that these rings will strengthen our ties between our families and our school, through prayer.

How the Rosary Ring works is that people promise that, sometime between the hours of 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm in the evening, the family says one “Our Father” then “Three Hail Marys” and finally a “Glory Be”.

We would ask each family when reciting the prayers to start with the stated prayer intention…

“As a part of the Bishop Challoner Catholic Community we pray for the happiness and success of all the children and families within in.”

If we have enough such families then all five decades and three mysteries are recited. For a simple five minutes, we can pray for thousands. If you would like to know more about the Holy Rosary, please download this PDF by clicking here. (Provided by Catholic Faith Store).

If you are interested and believe you can keep that promise for the week beginning 9th October, would you please contact our Chaplain Mr Hanlon by clicking on the link below, confirming that intention and stating the name of the child/ children you have at the school(s).

Click here to register for Rosary Rings


Parents’ Prayer Group


“O my God, teach me to love Thee in time and eternity.”

Bishop Richard Challoner

For the past year, Ms Easmon-Johnson (Head of the Girls’ School) and Mr Hanlon (Chaplain) have been running a Parents’ Prayer Group that meet once a month.

These sessions allow all those attending to receiving spiritual nourishment, to discuss how we can achieve an active prayer life within our hectic daily lives and most importantly, to support one another through our own spiritual development. Each meeting has a theme and sometimes with practical elements too!

We meet on the first Thursday of every month, starting at 5:00pm with the aim to finish around 6:30pm. A list of the meetings this year can be seen below:


This group is open to all parents and guardians of students attending Bishop Challoner. If you would like to join or would like to have more information, please click on the link below, stating the name of the child/ children you have at the school(s).

Click here to register for Parents' Prayer Group